Lancaster Management Consultancy DMCC provides Geophysical & Geological Studies & Services: Includes conducting geophysical and geological surveying by acoustic waves to determine the potential of oil, gas and minerals in deep ground layers, no engineering activities listed under activity no 7421-30 are involved.

Executive Search Services

Executive Search Services: Related to the activity of placing suitably qualified individuals in middle and senior levels (key positions). It is generally based on exclusive retainer fees (up-front fee basis), contractual basis, and it is consultative, research-based and solution oriented.

Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services: Related to the activity of finding suitably qualified individuals (mass recruitment) to fill positions within an organisation generally from entry level up to middle level management. It is based on a success model (fees are paid on the basis of successful recruitment), commission based. The type of recruitment is transactional and placement oriented with non-exclusivity basis.


Energy Projects Consultancy

Energy Projects Consultancy: Includes conducting engineering consultancy for energy & water related projects such as gas and coal energy, it involves engineering, technical, analytical and economic feasibility studies to identify alternatives, compare between the environmental impacts of energy sources, also, consultancy on managing, executing and operating power and energy plants and the related concepts of …